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At Ambiance, we know how difficult it is to deal with an injury or disability. Our role is to offer transportation that is safe, comfortable and as easy as possible. To ensure this, we have:

  • purchased and maintain a fleet of safe, high-quality, clean, comfortable vehicles;
  • purchased electric, bariatric capable Stryker gurneys and stair chairs;
  • built a team of friendly, well-trained drivers, all-EMT certified attendants and dispatchers
  • rolled out advanced technology for fleet management, driver safety monitoring and scheduling;
  • established exceptional customer service by upgrading our dispatch center
  • established a culture where our patients are members of our family and our clients receive the service levels they deserve.

We treat transportation as a critical element of the continuum of care. We believe it is imperative to offer our patients respect, safety, reliability, punctuality (zero wait time), privacy and the care we would bestow on our own family.


Our Team

  • Disciplined hiring: We utilize a disciplined hiring process that includes upfront in-person interviews, fingerprint based California DOJ background checks, third party drug screens, and physicals.
  • Hiring only CA EMTs as attendants: While other providers do not have EMTs, we at Ambiance believe this is one of the best ways to provide our patients the highest quality of care and professionalism.
  • Train & continuously monitor our drivers: We train our drivers and employees for 80+ hours in PASS’s Basic & wheelchair training, American Red Cross First Aid & CPR, and supervised in-field training prior to completing their first solo transport. We have on-going training and utilize Lytx’s artificial intelligence monitoring cameras to coach our teams.

Our Equipment

  • Maintain our vehicles: Having dependable vehicles is a critical element of delivering reliable transportation. Our fleet is managed using a scheduled, written vehicle preventative maintenance program that catches issues before they occur.
  • Daily fleet inspection: Our vehicles are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.
  • Properly equip each vehicle: We equip each vehicle with bariatric capable gurneys and stair chairs, oxygen, transfer boards, and PPE to meet all the non-emergency situations. In addition, we have 4 vehicles equipped with Stryker Power Loads, a unique loading system capable of handling larger patients and reducing the risks associated with ground to vehicle transitions.


  • Professional dispatchers: We have built a team that use a modern dispatch, routing and scheduling platform to manage our transports.
  • Strategic deployment: We coordinate our fleet to perform scheduled transports and position our 20+ vehicle fleet throughout Los Angeles in 5 zones to quickly respond and serve our clients’ same day requests.
  • Linked dispatch, field teams, patients, and clients: Our dispatch and communications platforms allow us to coordinate every detail of each transport to address potential issues throughout each day.


  • Compliance: We adhere to all local, state & industry insurance requirements including LA Department of Transportation, LA County, and CA PUC.
  • COVID-19: 100% of our team are fully vaccinated and current on boosters.

Whether you are a patient, family member, case manager, social worker or transportation manager looking for transportation, we believe Ambiance can meet your needs.

Please contact us and allow us to serve your transportation needs.
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